PRTG provides “Personal Recreational Tour Guides” to those visitors who want more out of their vacation than the beach, local restaurants and shopping.

Tired of the same old thing on your vacation? We can help. Our Certified Maine Guides at PRTG can add excitement to your vacation by taking you to places that you wouldn’t likely find on your own. Let our professional guides help you experience the ‘other’ Maine activities that many of the locals have come to love. Whether it is local hiking trails, seasonal berry picking, surfing, fishing, secluded swimming holes or just cruising down the coast in an open air Jeep or Land Cruiser, PRTG can provide you with a personal tour that meets your unique adventurous needs.

All of our Maine guides are natives to the area. They are familiar with the community and trained in personal tours. Although our vehicles are built for off-road use, the only dirt they ever see are well-maintained gravel roads. Contact us with your questions.