Free Like a Bird…in a Hot Air Balloon!

Is there a better way to spend $200 than on a hot air balloon ride? I’ve considered this for a moment and the answer is no, no you can not. One can argue that $200 could be better spent on a motorized scooter, playoff tickets, a cheap pair of Gucci shoes, 800 gum balls; but all of these are in fact, not better than floating above the ground in a giant balloon.

Great Falls Balloon FestivalYou can find areas for hot air ballooning throughout Maine. Here in southern Maine, we have the The Great Falls Balloon Festival. This event will be hosting its 21st annual festival at Simard-Payne Memorial Park, in Lewiston from August 16-18. As previously mentioned, these balloon rides are $200 during the festival.

It’s a weekend packed with fun, food, entertainment and balloon rides! For more information on this special event, click here.

As someone who has never been involved in a hot air balloon ride herself, I can only imagine how bewildering  and humbling the experience would be. To look upon the ground below with a 360° view couldn’t be anything other than an astonishing sight to behold to be sure. Truly an activity like this is like any other experience you would have on a vacation in Southern Maine.

For Maine-bound vacationers heading up North, you can also check out the Crown of Maine Balloon Fest in Presque Isle. Both of these ballooning events have photo contests, so if you’re planning on spending that $200 don’t forget to take pictures!

-Laura S.