Portland Art Walk

There is a reason why tourists don’t typically flock to Southern Maine during the Fall or Spring. If there’s no snow for winter sports, yet too cold to sun bathe at the beach, why go to Maine, right? Wrong!

Wooden BonesA friend from college, native to Massachusetts inspired me to write this blog. The second week of April was the only weekend that we could work out with our busy schedules, however, she complained that we will have nothing to do because it’s Springtime. Let me be clear that Mainers don’t sit around and do nothing during the “off-season” — there are things to do in Southern Maine that don’t include snowy slopes at Sunday River or Old Orchard’s sandy beaches.

If you’ve ever heard a southern Maine resident mention plans for First Friday, you can be sure they’re talking about the Art Walk.  Year-round, Portland hosts the Art Walk on the first Friday of every month. Hence, the casual name, First Friday.

It’s a self-guided tour in the art district where anyone is welcome to visit museums, art galleries, studios for free. A few venues even offer wine samples and food. During the warmer months, the art walk attracts street performances, sidewalk art presentations. It’s a cheap way to be out and have fun on a Friday night.

The Art Walk has become a topic of debate as the past few years, the Art Walk has evolved from a low-key gallery event to a full-blown festival where the streets are full of pedestrians buying items from sidewalk vendors, or listening to musicians playing guitar on a stoop.

The event only runs from 5pm to 8pm, so make sure to be there on time! Check out the Art Walk on Facebook for news and discussion.

Until the conclusion of the Springtime, I will continue a series of things to do in Southern Maine during the Spring and show you all just how much fun we have here.

Laura S.