The Best View in Southern Maine: Mt. Agamenticus

I can almost bet that you have never seen a view quite like one from Mt. Agamenticus in Southern Maine. I’ve been on my fair share of hikes, and never have I seen a view of the ocean on any mountain summit in the New England.

Southern Maine HikesFrom the towers, you can observe Cape Neddick as seen in the image to the left and the White Mountains–it’s a 360°  view of the region.

From 1966-1974, this mountain was operated as a ski development. I can only imagine how marvelous the view was while climbing to the top on the ski lift. The short lifespan of the ski operation was due to the warmer, salty sea breezes and energy crisis of the time. Learn more of Mt. Agamenticus’ history.

However, the ski area left behind remnants of the ski lifts and a driveway to the summit. Today, this driveway offers those in wheelchairs, elderly, or  younger children an avenue to enjoy the amenities of summit. The top of the mountain provides an area for dogs to roam, admiring the landscape, rest, picnicking, and a Learning Lodge open for visits.

Mt. Agamenticus is one of the few mountains that has very well maintained trails. Volunteer or donate to help maintain the natural resources and provide a great experience for all visitors.

Before you depart on your hike, download a trail map.

-Laura S.