Eco Tour in Southern Maine

Are you looking for an Eco Tour in Southern Maine?  Well, be prepared to answer the question “What do you want to see?” Are you into kayaking in the ocean or in fresh water?  Do you like river rafting or hiking?  Have you heard about  Mount Agamenticus. How about trying my favorite kind of eco tour – amphibious adventures!

Have you ever been close up to a painted turtle, a salamander or held a big bull frog?  If you can catch one, they have no teeth or claws to hurt you with but, they are quick so you have to move fast. Our certified southern Maine Guides can help you sneak up on them.

eco tour in southern maine

If you have never held a frog, this is an experience you don’t want to pass up. I think there is a little Steve Irwin in all of us. Why stop with frogs, how about lifting up some old logs and checking out salamanders, millipedes, toads or even some garter snakes.

So if you are on vacation and bored, get out there.  Find the Maine woods just around the corner from your hotel and locate a stinky pond, turn over some dead trees and see what you can find. There are plenty of things to do in Southern Maine.