Surfing in Southern Maine

Tired of laying on the beach and watching those surfers have all the fun? Why not take a lesson and try some surfing in southern maine! I’ve been surfing for over 10 years and I take friends with me all the time.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Take a lesson from someone like Aquaholics or Wahine Kai or from Wheels and Waves in Wells, Maine.
  • Rent a long board, it’s easier to get up – 9 foot at least
  • Rent a wet suit as it allows you to stay in the water for hours.  Buy an under garment so you don’t get chaffed
  • Be respectful when it is crowded, take turns taking the tastiest waves
  • Keep your distance from others.  ~30 feet is a minimum when learning.
  • Beware of surfer jerks: guys / gals who have surfed for a while and like to snub the novices.  These people are ‘haterz’.
  • Pack a 1 gallon jug of hot water.  Pour it over yourself after  you take off the wet suit.
  • Learn some surfer lingo
  • No naked couple surfing, it’s illegal

Be patient, have fun and rest when you are tired.  Learning to surf is easier for some than others.  You probably won’t get up right away so enjoy riding the waves in on your stomach, it’s still a blast!

If you’re not up for surfing, then get a boogie board as they are huge fun as well.  Even with small waves, riding on a small board with the kids is big fun.  You’re on vacation, spend just a little money and gain returns on this vacation investment.  Contact us if you need more activity ideas.