Indian’s Last Leap

Indian’s Last Leap, also casually called “the Leap” by Sanford-Springvale locals, is both a place for outdoor recreation and a story.  As a location, Indian’s last leap is a small cliff area along the Mousam River in Springvale, Maine near Springvale’s Recreational Area. As a story, however, according to some, has historical basis.

Sanford LeapThe story begins with local Indians raiding Plaisted family wedding party in Wells. During the raid, the Indian chief, Wivurna was killed. The feud was carried to the third generation. Plaisted’s grandson, son of Roger Spencer, had built his home near the banks of the Mousam River (then Meguncock). One day Spencer was accosted by a group of Indians led by Chief Nahanda from across the the river who chased him. Young Spencer ran towards home, eventually leading to the part of Mousam River where two cliffs gap 20 feet apart.  Without hesitation, Spencer leaped over the river and landed on the cliff at the far side. Chief Nahanda, followed Spencer across the river, but did not make it to the other side of the river. He died after smashing his head against the cliff, and falling into the raging water. The site is dubbed Indian’s Last Leap because it was certainly Chief Nahanda’s last.

Regardless of whether or not this story is true, Indian’s Last Leap is a fun place to go. Parents often bring their kids to jump off the leap and swim in the area. It’s also a popular place for teenagers who often practice tricks off the cliff. The Mousam Trail connects The Recreation Area to the Leap making it a beautiful sight for winter hiking.

Free parking is available at the Recreation Area. One area is off the Main Rd. (Rt. 109), and there is closer parking available at the park driving down the dirt road marked by a Recreation Area sign. On your way to the Leap, you can also enjoy a large area for a game of football, baseball etc., a playground (the best in town), and a swimming area.

Down the road, you can also enjoy public swimming at Mousam Lake at the corner of Rt. 109 and Rt. 11.

These are just a few of the fun things to do in the Sanford-Springvale area in Southern Maine.

-Laura S.