Local Bars in Southern Maine

Go where the locals go in Southern Maine at our local bars. Many of the beach towns highly visited by tourists have a volume of high-end restaurants, however, these places are rarely where Maine residents go. Locals around town go to biker bars. Curious to experience local life? Go where all the locals go.

Check out some of  Southern Maine’s townie bars–they’re cheap and always a good time. Our townies are even amusing to us Southern Maine residents (there is a difference between the two). 

Biker bars local to Wells, Ogunquit and Kennebunk include Iron Tails and Bentley’s Saloon’s.  If you want to drive a bit further, check out Loud Pipes Saloon which is just over the border in Somersworth, NH.

Willy's Ale RoomWilly’s Ale Room (dubbed Wild Willy’s by locals)  in Action, Maine is also a great pub but with less ‘biker’ twist. Willy’s attracts many out-of-towners including kids home for vacation from college, mainly because of their outmatched wings. Order a basket Willy’s hottest wings, you’ll have to sign a waiver. Down a few glasses of milk and beer, and don’t be ashamed to cry in public. Try their oven baked macaroni if you’re not into the hot stuff–it’s the best! I often use their recipe to make my own. Willy’s is also the place for a night of karaoke and dancing.

If you’re an advocate of hog motorcycles, visit the area for Laconia Bike Week. Visit next year during June 8-16, 2013 for a great time!

Enjoying the local life is unlike the experience you’ll have at the coastal restaurants. For a taste of Southern Maine’s local life, join us for a personal tour!

-Laura S.