Outdoor Public Ice Skating

As a kid growing up, ice skating was my favorite pastime during the winter. My siblings and I would always like to go ice skating at one of the ponds only our property had access to. My brothers would skate around the pond, pulling me and my sisters on sleds or push us around on chairs.
Public Ice Skating in Southern Maine

There are plenty of outdoor ice skating areas:

  • Number One Pond– Sanford, ME
  • Deering Oaks Pond– Deering Oaks Park, Portland, ME
  • Small Pond– Ludlow Street, Portland, ME
  • Nason’s Corner/ Breakwater School Pond– Portland, ME
  • Edward Payson Park– Near Back Cove, Portland, ME
  • Mill Creek Park Pond – Ocean Street at Hinckley, South Portland, ME
  • Harris Farm– 280 Buzzel Road, Dayton, ME
  • Pineland Farms– New Gloucester, ME
  • Great Pond– Cape Elizabeth, ME
  • Riverside Park– Westbrook, ME
  • Crow Hill Park– Kennebunkport, ME
  • Massacre Pond– Scarborough Beach Park, ME
  • Long Pond– Ferry State Park, Saco, ME
  • Johnson Field – Sebago Lake Village, Rt. 35, Standish, ME
  • Steep Falls – Standish, ME
  • Manchester School – Rt. 302, Windham, ME

The downside to skating outside was that the ice had to be in perfect conditions. After a rainstorm, the ice would freeze forming small bumps from water droplets. After a snowstorm, it was difficult to shovel since my dad’s truck plough could only move the snow so far before the snow became too packed to push further, so we had a smaller skating area. Once we got older, my dad expected us to shovel if we wanted to go ice skating (which didn’t happen often). The weather would have to be extra cold to have perfect ice skating conditions—too cold to snow.

Luckily town owned ponds are ploughed by the city or town. Just bring your skates and a thermos full of hot chocolate and enjoy your day of outdoor ice skating.

-Laura S.