Roller Skating in Southern Maine

When I was little, one of my favorite places to go was the roller skating rink in Southern Maine. Unfortunately, it closed down in my town, but there are still a few roller skating rinks in the Southern Maine area.

While it is becoming less common to see people roller skating and more common to see people biking and skateboarding  on the side of the road here in Southern Maine, roller skating is still always popular with the kids. I used to to go the Happy Wheels Skate Center with friends back in high school pretty often during the school year since it was cheap and it was a fun alternative to the bar scene at the Old Port. Southern Maine Roller Skating Rinks

Another roller skating rink nearby is in the Rochester Ice Arena in Rochester, NH. The sports floor for roller skating is installed from March through August. From September to March, the ice arena opens for hockey season. As a side note, their hot chocolate is amazing!
Roller skating is a great activity to share with the kids as it allows kids and parents to have fun being active together rather than parents watching their kids play or watching silly kid’s movies (although some kid’s movies are great like Finding Nemo, or Kung Fu Panda).
This is a fun and also a cheap activity for the family. It’s a great pastime for under $10.
-Laura S.



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