Southern Maine Amusement Parks

Treat the kids with exciting amusement park rides at Southern Maine’s amusement parks like Funtown Splashtown USA, Palace Playland, Aquaboggin, Storyland, Water Country.

Growing up in Southern Maine, I went to all these places. These amusement parks are open during the summer months, and are very popular tourist attractions–especially those with children. These places are not just for families with young kids, as a teenager I’ve always enjoyed going to Fun Town. 

Southern Maine Amusement ParksFamilies with younger children, should go to Story Land in New Hampshire as it is geared more towards kids ages 2-12. Make sure to bring a guide or directions, since GPS does not work well in the White Mountains region.

Funtown and Canobie Lake Park is great for kids of all ages. Funtown even has a connected water park, Splashtown. Growing up, my family went to all of these amusements often and they’re now a staple of my childhood. Hearing the occasional Funtown commercial on the radio always brings back great memories. I even sing along to the song and I’m simply not ashamed of it.

I have a lot of significant memories at all these parks. I remember getting a giant wedgie going down a slide at Aquaboggin, my parents let us kids bring home a stray cat we found at Canobie Lake Park.

These parks are just a few ideas for places for kids will enjoy in Southern Maine (if their good behavior deserves a treat of course).

-Laura S.