Southern Maine Public Ice Skating Arenas

For those without skates, Southern Maine has plenty of few public ice skating arenas that provide ice skate rentals. Ice skating in arenas definitely has its perks.

Since my family owns private property next to two ponds, I get to go skating not only for free but privately with friends and family. But there are a few cons to outdoor skating. Cons? Surprising, right? 

Ice Skating RentalsOutdoor Ice Skating Drawbacks:

  • Shoveling snow: Have you ever shoveled snow after getting three feet of snow? Let me tell you it’s not easy and clearing a even a small portion of ice is certainly an ordeal.
  • Costs: Skates can cost anywhere from $30 to $150. Coming from a hockey family, my parents afforded the high quality skates for us kids.


Honestly, a few hours of ice skating isn’t worth shoveling. The point is, my parents poured a lot of money for eight kids when we didn’t even skate that often, which is why skating in ice arenas is preferable. The pros are exactly the opposite of the cons: you don’t have to shovel snow, and renting skates is ridiculously cheap. However, if you plan on skating often, then I suggest buying your own quality ice skates.

Public Ice Skating Arenas in Southern Maine:

Fees for ice skating in public ice arenas in southern Maine are typically between $2 to $7, and most arenas allow children under a certain age to ice skate for free. Ice skate rentals are usually about the same price. Of course ice arenas always have a concession stand that serves hot chocolate and food, so don’t worry about packing lunches.

Ice skating in public ice arenas are great when outdoor public skating ponds have not been maintained. I’ll have to admit the drawbacks to outdoor skating for me, are only drawbacks because I’m just too put off for shoveling; which might just mean that I’m lazy.

-Laura S.