What to do in Southern Maine: Berry Picking

What to do in Southern Maine doesn’t have to be limited to the coast and sea food.  What about going inland?  What do the locals do in S. Maine? Well, this is a great question and it depends on the time of year.

The end of June is strawberry season and the places to pick that are local to the Kennebunk, Wells and Ogunquit are Lavigne’s Farm in Sanford and Spiller Farm in Wells.  Raspberry picking is next which starts at the beginning of July followed by blueberry picking in mid to late July.  Both of these seasons last a few weeks.

Stop in and say hello to Anna and Bill Spiller.

picking strawberries in Southern Maine

They also have some farm animals that are fun for the kids to see.  I like Spiller farm because they stay open even after peak berry picking for diehards like me that like to pick.  So, if it’s slim picken, quit cha !itchen.

Blueberry season is a bit longer than the others.  I’ve seen it run into mid to late August and a great place to go is Payeur’s blueberries in Sanford, Maine.I like to catch frogs with my girls in their watering ponds.

What season is next? Blackberry picking starts in late July/August and these are generally found in the wild. One of our Southern Maine Guides can help you find some!  If you want to try something different, try picking some wild Maine grapes! And, if you stay into September, you might as well go apple picking at McDougal Orchards in Sanford, Maine.

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