Maine Ice Fishing

There’s something about ice fishing in Maine that has a greater appeal than any other kind of fishing out there. Of course, you may feel more comfortable sitting in a boat on the coast in midday; or reclining in an old boat relaxing in the sun patiently and unassumingly waiting for a nibble; or wading among your potential catches waist high in a river.  Ice fishing in southern Maine is unlike any other fishing you’ve experienced. 

Ice Fishing HutIt’s the cold bite in the air as you’re waiting for your catch, the wintery atmosphere that surrounds you, the deafening silence of winter with only the wind carrying noise. It’s only to glimpse at your catch when you snag it from the gaping hole in the ice.

If you’re interested in a more interactive and social activity, Maine lakes sponsor ice fishing derby.

Fill up a thermos of hot chocolate, bring the kids, set up the shack, bust out the hand auger, and you’re well on your way to ice fishing. Be sure to check out some cool ice fishing shacks.

Feel free to leave comments on your own ice fishing experiences in Maine or ask us about the best areas to fish.

-Laura S.